Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

Hey, have I told you I’m a grandma? I know what you’re thinking….


Run and Smile: Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

OK, maybe you didn’t say it but a gal can dream! Anyway, I would like to introduce you to David. You can call him Lil David since he’s a junior. He has become a ray of sunshine in our lives. He arrived the day before the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle. Isn’t that a good boy? He arrived just in time to let Grandma and Grandpa run the 8K!


Run and Smile: Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

We have a list of plans for Lil David:

1. Running the trail with us when he’s a little bigger. This means we are looking for a strong, light-weight running stroller. Here’s the one we are thinking about.

Run and Smile: Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

The B.O.B Ironman Sport Utility received great reviews. It is a great height for me and seems really durable. We got our information from a lot of sources but Walkin Mama had an easy-to-use graph to see them all. Check her out!

2. THE ZOO! I love the zoo and was really sad when my kids no longer wanted to go. But because they love me so much, they took me to the zoo last summer when my daughter was visiting from Arizona. We had a blast! Here’s David and Elizabeth pretending to be kangaroos.

Run and Smile: Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

Yup, we are silly together! I can’t wait to show Lil David the animals. Going to need that stroller!

3. MOVIES! I plan on taking David to every Disney, super hero, action packed movie until he’s 18! There is nothing better than sitting in the dark with a big bucket of popcorn and enjoying the show.

Run and Smile: Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

4. Baking! I love to bake and plan on a lot of cookie-baking and cupcake-frosting time with Lil David. I wonder if he’s going to be a chocolate or vanilla kind of guy. I’m hoping he loves Carrot Cake!

Run and Smile: Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

5. Lots of babysitting! David is easy going and loves to smile. He really likes my singing! (Well I think he does…) I’m hoping to have a lot of adventures with him.

I want to be the grandma that says, “Hey Lil David, wait for me at the finish line with your Mom and Dad! We will go get ice cream after I grab my medal!”

I wonder if my plans are crazy….

I wonder if running will be fun pushing a stroller!

Any parent or grandparent runners out there? Do you bring your (grand)kids? What stroller do you use?


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10 Responses to Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

  1. Nichole zemaitis says:

    Congrats to you guys!!! Enjoy it while you can!!! I run with a bike trailer that way I get two uses out of one piece of equipment!!

  2. Hi Mary Jo,

    Have you bought your jogging stroller yet? I read the walking mama article you referenced. The only thing she didn’t focus on was the front wheel. Having a fixed front wheel limits the use of the stroller and can make it a big pain to maneuver when you are trying to use it around town and while jogging. I have no complaints about my BOB revolution. The front wheel can be locked in place if you ever want a fixed front wheel. The only time I have used that feature is to do push pull exercises. If you would like to take mine for a test ride, before you make the plunge of the purchase, you can try it out and at the same time you could try out Stroller Strides too. Let me know if you would like to get the full experience of the bob stroller! Happy running – Eryn

    • Mary Jo says:

      Thanks Eryn! We have not purchased one yet. Since he is so young still we are looking at everyone’s strollers. I might have to take you up and checking out both of your strollers. 🙂

  3. Kricket says:

    Congratulations! What fun you’ll have! I used a tri stroller like the one pictured to skate with my youngest when he was a baby. Make sure whatever you choose has a hand break in case you wanna use it for skating : )

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