BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

I haven’t written one of these in a while so here’s my week in pictures! There’s a little bit of running and a lot of food! And there’s a Thanksgiving BondiBand give-away at the end! So keep on reading!!

Shalane Wins! Anyone else cry when you saw Shalane Flanagan come across the finish line in New York?  Dang, I wish I had her height and stride! She makes a 5 minute mile look like a jog. After watching her win, I couldn’t help but to get motivated to hit the trails and run 6 miles!BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!Juice Day!!!! I took 20 pounds of juicing carrots and 4 pounds of apples and made 30 jars of fresh carrot juice using my Breville Juicer. It’s delicious! Here’s the ratio:BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

Running with my Run Club on Taco Tuesday! Since the time-change, we meet inside a local park building now. You can then choose to run outside in the dark or inside on the indoor track. I love that no matter what the weather is doing, we can still move and eat together every Tuesday!BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

Zelus Winner! I got a message on Instagram from the winner of the Zelus Insoles give-away– Carla Singleton. She received her insoles and is already in love with them!!!!! Whoo hoo, I knew it!  They are so comfortable.

Carla is a cutie! Give her follow if you are on Instagram!BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

If you are interested, Zelus is offering 25% off of their order for the first 20 readers! Use promo code RSF25EXTRA! This is a great deal so check  Zelus Insoles out! 

Our Anniversary! The Hubs and I celebrated 32 years together! Yup, we look like babies here…. I think this is where my love for cake really started.BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

Spin Day! It was icky out so 9 miles of spinning using my PEAR Sport app was my next workout of the week. This app provides a ton of workouts. It’s really motivating and I like playing around with my heart rate! Review coming soon!BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

Date Night! We went out for dinner at a new restaurant in town that we both have fallen in love with! Pesciolino Osteria serves homemade pasta, awesome wines and delicious desserts! It was our anniversary treat to ourselves.BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

Pizza party! If you haven’t heard, Run Clubs ROCK! I actually belong to 3 of them! Each club has their own running “specialty” but what’s common with all of them is how wonderful the people are! The support we give each other is amazing! We share running tips, car-rides to races, pictures and food!

At the party we posted a map so runners could mark where they ran! We covered states from coast to coast!

BondiBand Give-Away Time!

OK, that’s it. Now tell me about something you did last week in the comments below for a chance to win one of these Thanksgiving BondiBands! Winner will be selected on Wednesday, November 15th at 6pm. That should be plenty of time to get it to you for a Thanksgiving run! BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

Good Luck! If you don’t want to wait, you can also grab all 3 for a special price at BondiBand. Plus add the promo runandsmile and get another 10% off!!!

Disclaimer:  As a BondiBand Ambassador I do receive a small commission.  I really do love this product and only share things I really like! (As you can see by how many times I wear BondiBands!) Of course all opinions are my very own. Thanks for letting me share these wonderful headbands with you.

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13 Responses to BondiBand Give-Away and a Week in Pictures!

  1. Terri Tatroe says:

    I have been helping my daughter at Craft Shows where she sells her handmade ponchos, Car Go Mats, Taggie Toys, Burp Cloths, and Bows, Bows, and more Bows! During some slow times I’ve been able to walk around and see what other crafters are making. People are so very talentented. I am so happy to spend this quality time with my daughter. She is quite the entrepreneur and I am very proud of her!

  2. Nichole Zemaitis says:

    I went to a Veterans Day show at my son’s school!!

  3. Renee L Bogacz says:

    I ran myself ragged at the Dream Lab expo, but it was worth the sore feet and exhaustion to see all the hard work the kids did!

  4. debbie dye says:

    Ran one of my favorite races Cano Connection 10k in the rain!

  5. Beth fals says:

    I ran my first 10k and didn’t die!

  6. sam stevens says:

    I was awake and running before 0400 every other day last week!

  7. Julia Pucel says:

    I was taking care of two of my grandchildren for a week while parents on vacation. Getting them off to school, doing homework and running them to activities. Even snuck in a run

  8. Amy egan says:

    I ran our city’s annual 10 miler!

  9. Emily Harding says:

    Walked an indoor track with our 10-month-old strapped to my front in the baby carrier 😊 Also had a wellness checkup 💪🏻

  10. Allison says:

    Just got from Vegas where I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas half marathon on Sunday. It’s my 4th year running the race and I love it more each year!

  11. Diana Sorich says:

    I’ve been working my turkey feathers off all last week to secure a FT position with a local school district!

  12. Terry Krstinich says:

    I completed a 6 mile run on Saturday. First longer run post Naperville 1/2 marathon. I was feeling a little run down after 3, but pushed on. The rest of the weekend, i was down with a cold. It felt good!

  13. Liz Costa says:

    I planned a workout routine for my step son and three days a week I work with him to help him get strong after suffering multiple injuries from a car crash. He simply amazes me with his attitude and hard work. He keeps me motivated.

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