7 Beach Running Tips

7 Beach Running Tips

Vacation Time was BEACH running time!

The Hubs and I grabbed our BFFs (yes, I know I’m too old to use that phrase but I still do) and we headed to Florida last week. It’s our yearly retreat before school starts up again.7 Beach running tips

We usually go to St. Pete’s Beach but this year we tried the Siesta Beach area and dang it was HOT! But that didn’t stop us from running every day.7 beach running tipsSo I thought I would share with you some things we learned about running on the beach.7 beach running tips1. Don’t plan on running your usual pace. It is much harder running on sand compared to running on pavement or the trail. So take your time and enjoy the ocean!

2. Wear sunscreen! You’ll be in direct sunlight on the beach so be sure to lather up with SPF 30 or more. I love the Sport sunscreen because it usually sticks to you better while you sweat. And did I tell you that YOU WILL BE SWEATING?!7 Beach Running Tips3. Try and run in the morning or late afternoon. Staying away from the hottest hours of the day (10am to 4pm) will feel a “little” cooler.

4. Run on the wet sand. Wet sand is firm and easier to run on compared to the dry, fluffy sand. And you’ll have less of a chance of tripping over someone’s chair or blanket. Just be careful of all the sandcastles.

5. Stick to flat ground. If a beach is sloped, it could affect your knees or ankles. So try and find the leveled, sandy ground.

6. Stay hydrated. I’m telling you now, you are going to sweat no matter what time you go out. So to prevent dehydration make sure you hydrate before, during and after your run. We carried water during our run even if we only ran 3 miles. The tropical sun and humidity will heat you up! So pack the water!

7. Wear your running shoes! Most of us wear running shoes. Which means your feet are use to your running shoes! Even though you’ll be on the soft sand, running barefoot could lead to injury.

If you plan on running barefoot, then ease into it with short runs. Take off your shoes during the last 10 to 15 minutes of your run and run barefoot. Enjoy the sand but be mindful of any pains. And watch out for shells!

Beach Running Funny Story!

The Hubs runs in 5-toes. They are kind of like a water sock and can get wet. They dry super-fast and he loves them. I run in shoes with orthotics.

7 Beach Running Tips

While we were running in Siesta Keys we would come across standing water near the beach and I would end up having to either turn around or I would have to walk through the water to continue on.7 Beach Running Tips

Now I hate wet shoes. That’s why you will NEVER EVER see me run a mud run of any kind. So since Duane was getting bored waiting for me to turn around and run back, he would throw me on his back and carry me across the water. We got the best smiles from all the people on the beach!

Yup, chivalry is not dead! And my shoes stayed dry!

Who’s a beach-runner?
Florida runners, how do you handle this heat?

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  1. Sandy S. says:

    It was hot! Great tips!

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