Merry Christmas and a 50K PRE-Training Plan

Merry Christmas and a 50K PRE-Training Plan

Merry Christmas Everyone! Before I starting talking about my 50K plans, I have to share a cute picture of my newest grandson Mason. He is now 2 weeks old!

Merry Christmas and a 50K PRE-Training Plan

Nothing says happy holidays like a newborn baby and his big brother.

Merry Christmas and a 50K PRE-Training Plan

This is also the time of year I start getting antsy for a new training plan. We both took a much-needed break during the last 8 weeks so now that the holiday work is done, it’s time to focus on our next race called Christmas in July. 

Since my goal is a 50K at this race, I want to make sure I can complete the 31 miles without injury and with a smile on my face–that’s kind of my thing.

Merry Christmas and a 50K PRE-Training Plan

I’m planning my training a little differently this year. As I’m adding more miles to each week, I am also adding a lot of cross-training during the next 6 months. 

The Plan!

So, I purchased this cute calendar,  Recollections 18 Month Spiral Planner 2017-2018 Rosigold  from Michael’s last month when they were all on sale.

Merry Christmas and a 50K PRE-Training Plan

Can anyone else hang out in this store for hours and not get inspired to do a DIY  project?

Anyway, this calendar is super cute and I love the way it gives me tons of room to write in and a nice collection of stickers. Because even adults love sticker!

Merry Christmas and a 50K PRE-Training Plan

I’ve already got my tentative training plan in it. Currently I’m working on a 6 week PRE-training plan.

Why a PRE-Training Plan?

The longest run I’ve been doing this month and last has been 4 miles. And we haven’t been very consistent each week. So instead of jumping into an 8-mile long run, it’s easier and much more enjoyable to build up to it.

Every week builds upon the last week with an easier week every 3-4 weeks. This allows our bodies to run and recover. 

Then boom we are ready to start the 50K plan!

If you’re interested in my PRE-training plan, click on the picture below and I’ll throw it in your inbox.

Merry Christmas and a 50K PRE-Training Plan50K Training Plan Coming Soon!

I’m like so many of you who works, likes to spend time with the family or just enjoys the backyard. Creating a plan that works for my schedule is the only way that’s going to allow me to enjoy my training and still live a life. So I’m working on creating a 50K plan that will increase my miles carefully in a normal schedule. Be sure to subscribe here and I’ll be glad to share it with you in January.

Want to run in July?!

If you want to come run with me and the Hubs at the Christmas in July, here’s a 10% discount with promo AMBMINARICH10. Come join me!–It will be fun and the more the merrier!

Well, gotta go! Got to get ready for the kids to come over!

I hope no matter what holiday you celebrate, it is filled with Family, Friends, Food and Fun!



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