10 Mile Race Training Plan

10 Mile Race Training Plan

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to Soldier Field 10 Mile race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRavePro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Why run a 10 mile race?

  • After completing a bunch of 5Ks and 10Ks you might want to try a race that is a little more challenging but not as long as a half yet.
  • Putting a 10 mile race within your half marathon training fits perfectly near the end.
  • Because the Soldier Field 10 Miler is coming to Chicago in May!

10 Mile Race Training Plan

This will be my 6th time running this race. I’m excited to run this year as a BibRavePro! You will definitely see a lot of orange on me! Chicago Bear ORANGE!!!!

10 Mile Race Training Plan

Getting ready for this race means training again! So I got out my training bible and put together a training plan that works for both of us and our work schedule.  I love when my calendar is loaded with number of miles to run!

10 Mile Race Training Plan

Training for any race longer than a 10K does take some planning and of course a lot of running. That means you will need to alter your life a bit to make sure you get all your workouts in. Don’t worry–you can train for 10 miles with just 3 runs a week!

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3 Different Training Days

There are 3 different training days you need to do to make sure all your muscles are being trained. This includes incorporating rest and cross-training days. The goal is to get to the finish line injury-free!

1. The Week Day Runs

Week day runs will be on 2 days of the week. They are shorter runs which help if you have to run during a work day. Beginners should run at a comfortable pace and really focus on form. If you are an experienced runner, you could try a speed workout during the midweek. Maybe try a tempo run during one of your runs. Or better yet, try some HILL WORK!

10 Mile Race Training Plan

2. The Long Run Day

The long run is the most important workout of the week. Runners will usually run this on a weekend since that is when we have the most time available. You’ll want to plan it in your schedule and try not to miss the long run.

Long runs are really hard to make up and your body needs this gradual increase of miles to get used to it. Be sure to never increase your miles more than 15% each week. It’s that gradual increase that keeps your body happy and injury-free.

I love long runs because they are usually slower by 2 minutes per mile than my 5Ks. That makes for a happy run on my trails. Give yourself a rest day before your long-run day to make sure your body is rested and ready to commit to the longer miles.

3. Rest/Cross-Training Day

A new runner will hate rest days at first. Yup, you’ll feel like you’re wasting good training time and find them useless. But without rest days your body cannot heal and be prepared for your next workout. Please don’t pass on rest days. They do make you a stronger runner.

Incorporating a cross-training day is an awesome way to use other muscles that don’t pound into the pavement like running. You can walk, swim, surf, practice yoga or maybe try my new love-spinning!

10 Mile Race Training Plan

The Plan

Are you ready to mark your calendar and get training?

This training plan is for someone who already runs 8-9 miles per week and
who can already run 3 miles as their long-run days. Go ahead and click on the button and I’ll throw it in your inbox.

Hopefully you’ll love the 10-mile race as much as I do. And if you ever need any help, encouragement or have any questions be sure to contact me. I love talking to fellow runners!


Looking for a race?

Here’s a couple of my favorite links to search in my state and in other states for races.


Also be sure to check Bibrave for reviews of races too!

Happy Easter and Good Luck Boston Runners

Have a wonderful Easter everyone. And those of you running Boston this year, I wish you all….

I’ll be watching the race online here. I’m sure you are going to motivate me to get out there and run that afternoon. ROCK ON RUNNERS!!!

What’s your next race length?
What’s your favorite cross-training activity?
Who ran Boston?

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  1. Amy says:

    This plan looks like a great fit for me! Thanks for sharing!! I’ve only officially ran one 5K but I typically run a couple of 4 mile runs during the week and a 6-7 mile run on the weekend. I’ve registered for a 10 miler in the spring to push myself to stay on track as I settle into a busy school year (I teach K) and we head into fall/winter. Thanks again for sharing!

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