Running Safety is Sexy

Running Safety is Sexy

Disclaimer: was given the Apple Watch RoadID to review and add to this safety blog post. As always, all opinions are my very own and I only share what I truly love.

You know running safety is sexy right?

As the weather warms up even more, you can see runners everywhere. And many times they are running on their own.  Ideally it would be great if we could always run in groups, with a buddy or a dog.

This is when a run club is awesome to have. I always have someone to run with because I belong to 3 clubs! I’ve been known to get texts throughout the day asking if I was available to run at certain times. It’s great having running friends!

Running Safety is Sexy

But sometimes that’s just not an option.  In that case I would definitely follow some basic safety rules to get you home safely.

Running Safety is Sexy

Ok, maybe they’re not really sexy but they are handy running safety tips…

1. Let someone know where you’re running and when you head out. There are even apps that will follow you so someone you trust can watch you on their mobile device or computer. A great one is ecrumbs by RoadID.

RoadID made it super-easy to register. With this app, a family member or friend will get a text or email with a map of your course. The app lets them know when and where you are running.


2. Carry pepper spray. It’s legal in most states and so easy to use. You can find them at sporting good stores and Amazon. I really like the kind that clips to my running belt.  And I added a retractable lanyard to it (found in my junk drawer) to make sure it stays with me.

Running Safety is Sexy3. Vary your run times and course.  Sure it’s great to have a set plan but changing up where you run and when you run provides no one with your personal schedule.

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4. Light it up! If you’re running when it’s dark be sure to wear enough reflective gear and lights so that cars can see you. The Hubs is like MacGyver. We needed something that would light up the trail and he designed our light-up vest.

Running Safety is Sexy

This thing is so bright, you can see the entire width of the trail while you’re running. A cheap reflective vest, a row of led lights, thread and a battery is all it takes to make a night run safe and well lit.

5. Be aware and listen. Zoning out is easy while running. You’ll be listening to a podcast, book or music and before you know it, you’ve run 3, 6, 10 or more miles! Music is great but if it’s in both ears or too loud you will have no idea what’s coming up behind you. That could include other runners, bikers or animals. So be sure to listen wisely.

If you do need music then listen to it in one ear. Or try some headsets that are not in your ears at all like the Aftershokz Sports Titanium Headphones.

I would use them but the Hubs tried them and fell in love with mine. Now he uses them all the time. But that’s OK, I’m safe anyway since he’s always with me.

Running Safety is Sexy6. Wear ID! The easiest way to carry ID is to wear a RoadID. There are many styles including the Wrist ID Slim or ones designed to clip to your watch. I wear one on my Apple Watch.

This is a must for anyone who runs. If something should happen to you, EMS can find out your emergency contact, home phone and  any medical needs right on your wrist! They even have RoadIDs for your shoe!

Running Safety is SexyRoadID are inexpensive so Go check RoadID out! 

I know, I’ve written about  safety tips when we had issues on our trails in the past. So don’t let something bad happen before you take action to protect yourself.

Running safety is sexy

Ever felt scared while running?
What do you do to stay safe?

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