A Runner’s Brain and Making the Perfect Mantra

A Runner’s Brain and Making the Perfect Mantra

People often say runners are crazy… I mean, who runs just for fun? Most of us will not win a race and we often complain during the whole process. So I was curious. Is a runner’s brain different?

And look what I found ABOUT RUNNING!!!!! 



Well that’s how I read the article…

And we also have the ability to plan, be aware, multitask and seem to have better memory skills. Ha, I definitely have the ability to multitask but maybe not such a great memory.

A Runner's Brain and Making the Perfect Mantra

I really notice my multitasking ability when I’m actually running. Even with music blaring into my ear, my mind can think of 100 things to do while on my trails. So I’d thought I’d share with you how my brain was thinking during the Rockdale Ramblin 10K this weekend.

A Runner's Brain and Making the Perfect Mantra

The Rockdale Ramblin is known as the toughest 10K in the Midwest. That’s because of all the hills. If you ever look at the middle of a topographical map of Illinois, it’s really flat so hill work training is pretty rare.

A Runner's Brain and Making the Perfect Mantra

I was really glad I was able to get a little hill training in April with a local running store called DNA Athletics. Coach Andy found us a hill to work on and he motivated us through all the hill workouts. There was even a hill dedicated to the store at the Rockdale Ramblin and my goal was to get up that entire hill without stopping. Here’s Coach Andy waiting for all us at the top.

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So to test the article I read, I kept a mental diary to see if I can remember everything that was going on during this run.

Here’s what my brain sounded like during the Rockdale Ramblin 10K.

  • I can’t wait to start this race.
  • Glad I went to bathroom twice.
  • Dang I have to go to the bathroom!!!!
  • Yeah the start. I’m going to ROCK this race!
  • Time to turn on my music.
  • I should have been a DJ–I make a darn good playlist.
  • Stay calm, don’t go out fast.
  • Wow, I made it up the first hill without stopping.
  • Am I moving in slow-motion? Why are all these people passing me?
  • I think I need to add eggs to the grocery list this week.
  • Thirsty, take a drink.
  • Ahhhh, a flat part of the course, I’m flying!
  • Dang another hill! Need a breather!
  • Cute skirt!
  • Turkey, cheese, berries, toilet paper….
  • Ohhhhhh…. pretty house!
  • Don’t fall!!!!
  • Here’s comes another hill! DO NOT LOOK UP!
  • Should I plant 2 tomato plants or 3 this year…
  • Breathe..
  • OMG these hills! I wished I lived where there are mountains.
  • Don’t think, just run
  • Don’t think, just run…
  • DNA Hill! This is the last time you’re running this so don’t stop!
  • I made it up the DNA Hill! Whoo hoo.
  • My friend Jody and Coach Andy are here!!!!
  • I love love love going downhill. 
  • Where the %$@* is the finish!
  • Yeah, the FINISH LINE but why does it seem so far?
  • Try to smile.
  • DONE!

As you can see, a lot of random thinking goes on in my head during a run. And the only time I felt like the run was “no fun” was when my thoughts were negative. So keeping it positive helps you get through the miles. 

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Powerful legs and lungs are not enough. You also need a powerful mind.  One way to keep it positive is to come up with a good mantra. Mantras are words you tell yourself to motivate you to keep going or finish strong.

How to make a good mantra?

  • Keep it short
  • Load it with action words like “Think strong-be strong”
  • Stay positive

When you feel yourself starting to doubt yourself, start repeating your mantra in your head. My mantra was definitely going strong up that last hill.

A Runner's Brain and Making the Perfect Mantra

I’m sure going to miss the Rockdale Ramblin 10K.  This is going to be the last year they are running this race. Even though this run was hard to do, cold and windy, I really enjoy this challenge. Plus EVERYONE gets a medal at the finish.

A Runner's Brain and Making the Perfect Mantra

I came in 5th in my age group out of 24 other ladies my age. You know what that means! #TOP5!!! Stay positive runners!!!!!

Do you have a mantra? Want to share it?
Hills–Do you love them or stay away from them like the plague?

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2 Responses to A Runner’s Brain and Making the Perfect Mantra

  1. Paulette says:

    My favorite – Here’s comes another hill! DO NOT LOOK UP!

    I do this too, try not to look toward the top and get all overwhelmed. Especially when I’m on trails where I can’t come near seeing the top!

  2. Sandy S. says:

    I would love to hear what is on your playlist! I do not have a mantra. I usually focus on my music!

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