A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stonyfield as a Yo-Getters Ambassador.

Oh my goodness this was a busy week! We had a play day with two very special boys!

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

Work has been busy with tons of end-of-the-year testing and festivities.

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

I’m getting lots of running done with my run club!

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

Wednesday was hill-work training day!

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

This is becoming my favorite type of workout. Especially after the Rockdale Ramblin 10K last week. 

And the Hubs is working a lot of overtime lately. Since Duane gets home so late, I’m picking up some of the chores he usually does during the week. Can you tell I really hate cutting the grass?

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

And over the weekend I ran 10-miles on my trails. This is because I’m training for a couple of long races next month. And look–2 of my running friends were there!

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

Dang, I’m tired just looking at my week! So I was really excited when I got the message that this May, Stonyfield has teamed up with PrAna to celebrate…


A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

This is perfect timing! PrAna and Stonyfield want us all to remember  to take a moment for ourselves. Ha I know–moment for ourselves? In our busy lives? 

How to find #thewholeyou

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about going to the spa every week. It can be something as easy as hanging with your favorite vitamin-rich snack while reading all about hitting a 2-hour marathon.

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou

 Here’s one of my favorite recipes!

Pineapple-Banana Smoothie

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou


1 cup of Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt (I like the vanilla bean flavor!)
6 ice cubes
1 cup pineapple chunks
1/2 banana
1/2 cup coconut milk (or regular milk)

1. COMBINE the ice, yogurt, pineapple and banana in the blender.

2. ADD the coconut milk and blend until it is smooth and has your desired consistency.  Enjoy!

Another way to treat yourself is to spend some time stretching before you go to bed. To balance out my crazy weeks, I’ve set aside a few minutes every night to make sure I stretch. This keeps my legs from tightening up. I credit my injury-free body to 10 minutes a night. So take a warm shower, throw on your jammies and try these stretches before hitting the hay! Your legs, hips and back will love you!

A Busy Week and finding #TheWholeYou


By the way, these cute Juniper pants came from PrAna and they are so comfy that I wish I could wear them EVERYWHERE!

Be sure to check them out at PrAna.com. And you can find them on Facebook: PrAna Instagram: @PrAna  and Twitter: @PrAna. They always post motivating and beautiful pictures.

PrAna gave me a discount to share with all of you! Get 15% off an entire purchase at PrAna.com with the promo code WHOLES17RAS. Offer ends May 31st so check them out!

I really love this idea on focusing on #thewholeyou. Be sure to add this hashtag when posting your relaxing pictures! 

What do you do to relax?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stonyfield and PrAna.  As a Team Stonyfield ambassador, there may be affiliate links or compensation. But as always, all thoughts and opinions are my very own and I only share things I really love. 

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  1. i am doing heel to butt exercise since the two years and it really kept my body in a good shape and surprisingly i got rid of my bakbone pain from this exercise too

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