Running Coach

Tired of the cookie-cutter training plans? These are great when you start running. But when you want to really improve or stay motivated, a running coach could be the key to your success.

Running Coach

What are some of the benefits of having a personal running coach?

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Long-term planning and structure of training blocks to identify and achieve runner’s goals
  • Daily, weekly, monthly feedback
  • Fine-tuning and adjustments to training programs
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhanced knowledge of how to train properly, avoid injury and successfully finish on race day
  • Greater satisfaction from running achievements!

Running Coach

My approach to coaching emphasizes moderation, injury prevention, and making a training schedule that works with a busy person’s real life. My specialty is the brand new runner. But I have the experience and knowledge to train runners for any distance from 5K  to Marathons.

Running Coach

Whether you want to run your first race or earn a PR in your favorite distance, I will work with you from the start of training until after you cross the finish line to help you achieve your goals! I offer three programs of coaching services, each designed to meet your budget and training needs.

Plan A: Basic Individualized Plan

A training plan customized to your individual abilities, needs, and goals. This level is great for runners who want to take the guesswork out of training but do not want individualized coaching throughout their training cycle.

Plan B: E-coaching with a monthly consultation 

You will receive a customized training plan each month that adapts to your specific needs and schedule during your training cycle, along with monthly feedback and specific preparation for your goal race.

Plan C: E-coaching with a weekly consultation 

Plan C is for athletes highly committed to their goals: your training is adapted to your schedule and needs each week, you receive weekly feedback, and you have unlimited communication with me as your coach. Read below to find out more about the benefits of each of these services!

About Mary Jo

Running Coach

As a RRCA Certified Coach, my training plans emphasizes periodization (development of training cycles that build progressively from base training to peak performance). I develop highly customized, goal-specific training plans to strengthen a runner’s base and to develop specific skills, such as speed, endurance, proper form, pacing, fueling and hydration, cross-training and race preparation. 

Running Coach

I’m a seasoned runner with a real life outside of running. I understand the challenge of trying to fit a training schedule into a busy life. As a marathoner, half-marathoner, 10 miler, 10K and 5K runner, I have found the joy in each of these length of racers. Yes there is joy in 26.2 miles! My goal is to help you find that joy too!Running CoachIf you have any specific questions about costs or services for any of these coaching services, please email me at or send a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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