Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

Happy January and welcome to the world of everyone trying out new exercises and equipment. It’s fun watching all those infomercials of all the great new ways to lose weight. I too have fallen for many glitzy advertisements.

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

And what’s sad is, it’s not the program, but the consistency of the user! You will only get fitter if you exercise and eat right. And finding that perfect exercise for you can be daunting in a world of “fast, easy ways” to lose weight and get fit.

But it’s the long run (Get it? The “long run…”) that lets you lose the weight, stay fit and get strong. So rather than turning this post into a Richard Simmons’ “you can do it” post I just want to share with you two apps that I found useful if you chose my newest cross-fit love. Indoor Cycling! (By the way, there’s a great, FREE resource booklet at the end so keep on reading!)

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

Running is my Favorite

Running will always be my favorite and if you were to come to my house and asked me to go for a run, it would only take me 3 minutes to get dressed,  grab some water and be out the door.

But as all good runners know, if we only run then we are bound to head into a world of over-used, hurting muscles. So find yourself a second choice that uses different muscles and make your body happy.

As a runner, I love to see stats and have a plan (like my training plan). That’s where the two apps I found come in.  Now I’m not an affiliate with either app. I’m just hoping it helps you find something that will make you a strong and healthy runner.

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

Peloton merges a high-end, sleek indoor bike (Notice how I don’t say Spin bike because that is copyrighted.) with a screen in front of you to see your data and an actual cycle class. With the bike, you get some energetic instructors that take you through a cycling workout that is streaming live or pick from the 3,000 on-demand classes. 

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App


A Peloton bike costs $1995 plus $250 for delivery. You also have to pay $39/month for 12 months for the Peloton subscription.

Now, if you do not purchase the bike you can opt in to subscribe using the iOS app through the App Store. It will cost you $12.99/month or $5.99/week after a 14-day free trial. That seems pretty reasonable since you have unlimited class option on your phone or iPad.

How Peloton Works

After purchasing the bike and subscription you are ready to use it. Just pick out your class or classes and follow the instructor during the workout.  Peloton does have a few workouts that you can do that do not involve the bike. They call these Peloton Beyond the Ride Workouts. There’s not a lot but that option is there as part of your subscription.

I did not purchase a bike. It was way over our budget. But I did try the 14 day free trial period and purchased 3 weeks to test out the classes on an indoor bike that I purchased from a friend. Without the bike just won’t have all the stats. And you’ll have to guess your resistance settings when the instructors tell you when to change your resistance to a certain level. After a few classes, it didn’t take me long to figure out what they were. As a brand new rider, I pretty much went by the feel of my body and speed.

Peloton Final Say…

I can see how a runner would like this if you can afford the bike with all its bells and whistles. You can see all your stats right on the screen just like you would on your runner’s watch. If you like watching people live and seeing who is talking to you then Peloton would be great. The music is good but limited to what the instructors want to use.

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

The Pear Sports App is the second app I tried. PEAR stands for Performance Enhancing Audio Research. With this app, subscribers are offered thousands of workout possibilities all on your phone or tablet.  Instructions all happen in your ears because it is interactive audio coaching through your Smartphone.


The PEAR Sports app cost $5.99/month or $39.99/year with 14-day free trial at iTunes and Google Play.

How PEAR Sports Works

This app uses your phone’s GPS to monitor distance and cadence when you’re on the road. And a heart rate monitor to let you know if you are in the proper zones. You can purchase their heart rate monitors but I actually sync my Apple Watch to the app and it works perfectly. (Sorry it doesn’t sync with Garmin)

With the app, you have your choice of thousands of workouts by world renowned athletes including runners, interval trainers, indoor cycling, weight training and yoga. The app tracks your progress to see how long you worked out, calories burned, distance trained and pace. You can just listen to the app during your workout or stare down at it like I do on my bike to see what my heart rate is doing. 

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

PEAR Sports Final Say…

I really liked the variety of choices with PEAR Sports. And you can use your own music during the workouts.  I was able to try different sports with it that included HILT workouts, yoga, cycling and of course RUNNING. I really liked having Jenny Hadfield in my ear during my Tempo run.

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

Final Say on Both Apps…

I tried both apps on my own and decided to go with the PEAR Sports App. Why? 2 reasons–

  1. The cost difference! I definitely could not afford the Peloton bike and I get a lot for $5.99 a month with the PEAR Sport app.
  2. More workout choices with the PEAR Sports App for me. Not only do I get fun cycling workouts but I can use it while running and there’s even yoga workouts.

Want to Set Up Your Own Indoor Cycling Bike?

I just love my bike and I’m definitely feeling stronger using it.

Peloton vs the PEAR Sports App

If you’re interested in setting up an indoor cycling bike and wonder what you’ll need, here’s a free quick resource booklet! Fill out the form below and I’ll throw it in your inbox.

If you are a runner, I know running is your favorite. But be sure to find something that uses other muscles too. Your body will thank you and you’ll become a stronger runner because of it.

So what’s your favorite cross-train activity?

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