Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?

Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?

As runners we all want to be stronger, faster and healthy. So when we see gear that could help us, we flock right to it! And runners will pay for it! That’s why runners’ compression gear has become a multi-million dollar industry! You could end up paying up to $60.00 – $120.00 a pair depending on the company you use.

What is Leg Compression Gear?

Leg Compression gear is tight-fitting, elastic material that fits over your calf, knee, foot or thigh. They compress your muscles, arteries and the veins on the surface of your legs so that blood is circulated through your legs through smaller circulatory channels. This makes the blood get back to your heart faster, making it less likely to pool into your feet.

The verdict is still out as to if it helps a runner’s performance. I’ve read a bunch of studies that are inconclusive. But the US National Library of Medicine did show some positive signs that compression could help a runner.


“Our present findings suggest that by wearing compression clothing, runners may improve variables related to endurance performance (i.e. time to exhaustion) slightly due to improvements in running economy, biomechanical variables, perception, and muscle temperature. They should also benefit from reduced muscle pain, damage and inflammation.”


I’m thinking there’s something behind the science of compression wear. I mean look who wears them and wins marathons!

Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?But more importantly look who else wears them! THE HUBS!

Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?Duane swears by his calf sleeves. He loves how they feel during a run and afterwards. So I was excited when MD Compression contacted me to try out their calf sleeves.

I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of compression after a run. My compression socks were my best friend after both Chicago Marathons. But during a run I am not a fan of the toe-squishing feeling in my shoes.


Yeah for Compression Sleeves!

That’s where MD Compression sleeves feel amazing. You can slide them over your feet and the compression happens only on your legs!

Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?

Which means NO SQUISHED TOES! I also like the color and reflective stripe on the back of the sleeves. 

Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?

The MD Compression Sleeves do not move while running. I’ve used them both inside and outside and they are really super-comfy! They are made of moisture-wicking, breathable material and provided perfect targeted compression on my calves.

During a run, it felt like my muscles were tight up against me in a comfy way without being constrictive.  It was great feeling all that support and stability with each stride. 

Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?

Ooops, don’t forget to hand wash them!

MD recommend washing them by hand, but I accidentally threw them in the washer and dryer a couple of times. I thought they were going to shrink but they are still the perfect size. But I am washing them by hand now.

Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?

Pro and Con Time!


  • Comfortable and easy to put on
  • Reflective to use at night
  • Great for all types of sports
  • Material is light enough to wear when it’s warm
  • Washes up well
  • Nice variety of colors and sizes to pick from
  • Sizes are true to size and easy to figure out using the sizing chart
  • AFFORDABLE! You can grab a pair for less than $20.00!


  • Only available on Amazon which means you can’t go to a store to try them on first
  • It’s a challenge to take them off when you are sweaty

Final Say…

MD Compression Calf Compression Sleeves are a great bargain if you are on the fence on spending a lot of money on compression gear. They are truly an affordable way to try compression during your run. Who know, you may find that you like them as much as I do. 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by the MD Compression Calf Sleeve Leg Compression Socks. I was compensated and  given a pair of the MD Compression sleeves to test and provide this review. Of course all opinions are honest and my very own.

What do you think of compression gear?

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3 Responses to Is Compression Gear Helpful for Runners?

  1. Julia Pucel says:

    I love my compression sleeves especially when training and running the marathon.

  2. Julia Pucel says:

    I love compression sleeves. Loved how my legs felt after wearing them on long runs and running the Chicago marathon.

  3. Terri Tatroe says:

    I was able to pick up 2 pairs of compression nsocks on clearance at DNA. I really like them. The extra support they give is nice.

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