5 Running Hacks that make a Happy Runner!!

5 Running Hacks that make a Happy Runner!!

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Hey Runners! I thought I would share with you 5 running hacks that help keep the Hubs and I happy runners. And there’s a give-away at the end of this post so keep on reading!

Here are my…


1. SmellWell!

First running hack has got to be this tiny little packet called SmellWell.

I wrote about this awesome way to keep stinky shoes smelling fresh and clean here on How to clean your running shoes and getting rid of the stink with SmellWell. Using SmellWell has helped our doorway and closets from smelling sweaty and icky.

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2. Bottle Holder: Not just for babies!

We use a baby bottle drainer to hold our handheld waterbottles. It allows our bottles to drain thoroughly and makes it easy to store them. The bottle holder sits on our counter and it’s a great way to make sure our bottles stay clean and dry. Plus it makes it easy to just grab one and go whenever we are ready to run.

3. Beach Towels in the Car

There’s always a stack of beach towels in the car to help prevent smelly, wet seats. Once we get home, we throw them in the wash and have them ready to go again.

4. String bag for after every run or expo

The Hubs and I have collected quite a collection of string bags from all the races and expos we have attended. We kind of laugh when we see them at stores to purchase. I’m always amazed that people actually buy them.

We use these cute little bags now whenever we go to an expo. They free up your hands and the bag makes it a handy way to carry all the freebies you get.Many times, gear check requires you to use a specific bag. It’s usually a clear, plastic bag that rips when you open it after the race. Fold up a string bag and pack it inside your gear bag. Now you have a bag to throw on your back filled with post race-food, empty water bottles, dirty clothes or your phone.

5. Baby cleansing clothes

I actually stole this idea from my friend Jody. At Taco Tuesday she pulled out this packet and said they were amazing for cleaning up after a run. And yes, we run and then eat tacos afterwards–it’s all about balance.

This huge cloth smells great and fits perfectly in a run bag. I ended up buying one for myself and the Hubs!

So there you have it, 5 tips that have worked for us to keep us happy. Well at least happy enough to get out the door and grab some miles.

Give-Away Time!

SmellWell gave me a packet to give away to one lucky reader! To win a free packet of SmellWell just leave a comment below. Share your favorite running hack that has helped you be a happy runner! Contest ends July 8th!. (I use the Pick Giveaway Tool!) Good luck!

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What your runner’s hack?

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11 Responses to 5 Running Hacks that make a Happy Runner!!

  1. Living in FL, I always had the towel going on!! It was too gross not to!

  2. Stephanie Hsu says:

    I’ve learned my lesson and now always wrap my phone, ID cards and money in a Ziploc bag before I put it in my belt bag before I run to prevent everything from getting wet from my sweat!

  3. I carry a water bottle in the back of my sports bra. It works best with a racer-back bra and a 20oz disposable bottle. I’ve never had chaffing issues, and it’s nice to be hands-free and not having anything bouncing around my waist, but always have hydration when I need it.

    I also keep old (cotton) race shirts in my car to sit on when I’m sweaty.

  4. Nichole Zemaitis says:

    Great article!! Learned some great hacks! I keep safety pins in my car.

  5. Alison Lyne says:

    I love these hacks! I put our water bottles in a hanging shoe organizer to keep them organized and readily available.

  6. Shari Matz says:

    I’ve never heard of these Smell Well packets, but I will have to check them out! There are some great tips here! People think I’m crazy for keeping beach towels in my car, but they are the best for keeping the smell off of my seats!

  7. Diane says:

    Great ideas! I keep an over the door shoe organizer for my running stuff. Shoes, compression sleeves, headlamp, buffs, Nuun, etc. are all where I can grab them easy. I’ll have to give SmellWell a try!

  8. Sara Kurth says:

    I’m stopping by the baby aisle next time at Target to get a bottle dryer! Great idea. My wash rack never has enough places for water bottle drying!

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