Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

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Whoo hoo! There are 3 reasons I was so excited to run the Soldier Field 10 Mile this weekend.

  1. I get to run in Chicago.
  2. Runners and spectators get to go inside Soldier Field. 
  3. It’s 10 miles!!! Need I say more?

So I was really excited when this race came up on Bibrave and they were looking for runners to run the Soldier Field 10 Mile. All I can tell you is that YOU HAVE GOT TO PUT THIS RACE ON YOUR TO-DO LIST!

Packet pick up was easy. You could pick up your packet in Deerfield, Elmhurst or Chicago. Since I didn’t know how to get to any of these places, I paid for my packet to be mailed to me. And look at the shirt! It is super comfy and goes with the Memorial Day celebration.

Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

Sadly the Hubs didn’t run the race this year. But thankfully I was able to go with my Run Club and we had a blast. We were all a little dazed with a 4:30 meet-up time to head to the city! But it was well worth it because we got some prime FREE parking close to a bathroom!

Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

A new start this year!

This was my 6th time running this race. In the past it always started on the outside of the stadium. But this year it started INSIDE Soldier Field. I almost didn’t want to leave my corral. 

Memorial Day

This race happens over Memorial Weekend and they truly honor those that have served our country. Budweiser was a new sponsor for this race and they showed a wonderful video on the jumbo-trons. It was all about air-dropping a  crate of beer to men and women who served our country. It was beautifully made and made me tear up. Here take a peek and grab a tissue!

Then I looked around and notice A LOT OF RUNNERS were emotional during it! After that, they announced this year’s fallen soldiers and then a serviceman played TAPs. It was wonderful hearing the National Anthem inside the stadium. I totally needed a tissue at the start!  I was in corral H which gave me a prime view of it all.

Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

Go Time!

Runners in each corral were let out a few minutes apart in waves. The course is a nice out-and-back to the stadium. It was a little crowded during the first 4 miles but then it loosened up a bit and I was able to run a consistent pace. And I love the last 5 miles. You get a spectacular view of the city the whole way home!

Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

Photo by my friend Rita!

The finish is always fun coming through the stadium tunnels.  And you get your medal from a member of the military. 

Soldier Field 10 Mile RecapWhen I was done watching more runners cross the finish line on the jumbo-trons, I grabbed my food bag….

Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

…and headed straight to the beer! There I found my friends, sat on the grass and we enjoyed our goodies (and yes I ate the whole bag of food!) while listening to a great band.

Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

Do I recommend this race?

Hell Yah! I’m hoping they keep the start the same because it was really nice all starting in the stadium. 

This race is:
Provides a ton of support during the whole 10 miles.
Gives you a great shirt, food and drinks.
Feels very safe with all the security.

Ever have a race that made you cry at the start?


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  1. Judith says:

    The first Fort2base that we did together made me cry as it was on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Also the first race I ever did that played the Star Spangled Banner before the race – Rudolph Ramble 2009. I was a non-athlete all my life and it was the first time hearing it *for me*!

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