I hope you had a GREAT Father’s Day

Here is just a quick note to wish all the Dads (and Moms who are both Mom and Dad) a Happy Father’s Day! Our kids have grown into 2 great adults. Sometimes I look back and really miss the young … (read more)

Running as a Couple

Yup, that’s the Hubs and I running across mile 7 during the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon last year. Duane started running later in life like I did. He started about 2 years after me. He was very supportive of … (read more)

Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

Hey, have I told you I’m a grandma? I know what you’re thinking…. “DANG, SHE LOOKS TOO YOUNG TO BE A GRANDMA!” OK, maybe you didn’t say it but a gal can dream! Anyway, I would like to introduce you … (read more)