Have I told you I’m a Grandma?

Hey, have I told you I’m a grandma? I know what you’re thinking…. “DANG, SHE LOOKS TOO YOUNG TO BE A GRANDMA!” OK, maybe you didn’t say it but a gal can dream! Anyway, I would like to introduce you … (read more)

I love my veggies and running naked!

I love my veggies and running naked!

Look what I got to pick up last week! It’s an entire box full of veggies straight from the farmers’ fields. I work in a school and we get all kinds of great deals from local businesses. I decided to … (read more)

You are never too old to RUN!

All right, I’m going to admit it-I’m going to be 50 this year! I’m hoping that I will be like Olga Kotekdo when I’m 94! She is an amazing athlete and isn’t she just SO CUTE?! I’m reading her biography, … (read more)