Mackinac Island and the Great Fudge Comparison (part 1)

WARNING: Lots of pictures! I know when you hear island you think about some place warm, beachy and sunny. Well one of my favorite islands that I love to run on is Mackinac Island, Michigan. As a matter of fact, … (read more)

Packing a gym bag!

Often times after a run, I’m in no mood to cook dinner. So the Hubs and I will usually hit Lallo’s for a taco and a beer before returning┬áhome. I love this place. It’s a local pub that is less … (read more)

I hope you had a GREAT Father’s Day

Here is just a quick note to wish all the Dads (and Moms who are both Mom and Dad) a Happy Father’s Day! Our kids have grown into 2 great adults. Sometimes I look back and really miss the young … (read more)